Technology + Aesthetics

We mix state of the art techniques and storytelling to create incredible experiences.


Different Realities

New opportunities for human connexion


Imagine the impossible

Explore new frontiers


KWO? The ancestral word, root of human curiosity.


Experience Design

New tools, new narratives


We are a creative studio dedicated to 360º Video and VR.

360º Video Reel


360º Photography | Photography
360º Video | Video
360º Drone | Aerial Footage
Virtual Reality | VR
Virtual Tour
Timelapse | Hyperlapse

Video Reel 2015 | 2016

Research topics

How can we use VR to simulate synesthaesia?
How can VR help expand people’s perceptions?
What are the possible interactions in VR?
How can VR help connect different universes?
How does VR impact storytelling?
How can we use VR to co-create art installations with the public?
Can VR make us closer to nature?
Can VR be art?


Who we are

360º Video & VR

VR from R&D to concept, from production to distribution. Specialized VR consultants and developers. 360º video production, aerial VR, interactive VR experiences, photogrammetry and 3d scanning.

Nelson Porto

Innovation Artisan

Multidisciplinary creativity with the patience of a Chinese craftsman.

Francisco Almendra

Fisherman of the Future

Expansive imagination working in network to reel in emerging potentials.

What does [KwO] mean?

In indo-european language, [KwO] is the original question, that gives rise to all other questions: